Meet Dr. James Winston Phillips JD LLM MBA

Certified Medical Planner

Out Newest M E-P “Thought-Leader”

[By Ann Milller RN MHA]

James Winston Phillips, MD, MBA, JD, LLM is President and founder of: The OTHER Medical Education, Inc.

Academic Credentials

Dr. Phillips academic credentials include a B.A. and M.D. from the University of Louisville, a M.B.A. from Jacksonville University, a J.D. from Florida Coastal School of Law and a LL.M. from Thomas Jefferson School of Law in International Taxation with concentrations in 1) International Financial Services and 2) Wealth Management and Private Banking.

Additional course work was completed at Stetson University College of Law LL.M. program in Elder Law and the University of Alabama School of Law LL.M. program in U.S. Taxation. Course work has been completed for a Ph.D. with the thesis pending. Dr. Phillips completed a general surgery residency at University of Florida / Jacksonville, a plastic surgery fellowship at University of Florida / Gainesville and a Hand Fellowship at the University of Miami. Dr. Phillips clinical career includes positions in academic medicine, private practice and as an independent contractor.

Personal Philosophy

Jim believes that modern healthcare professionals receive the best medical education in the world, but receive little or no education in the business of medicine in medical or professional school or during clinical training.

According to Dr. Phillips: Medicine may be a calling – but – the practice of medicine is a business.


Dr. Phillips’s quest for higher education led to the founding of: The OTHER Medical Education, Inc., a place where health care professionals can obtain the business education they need. Clients include a wide variety of health care professionals including physicians, dentists, pharmacists, veterinarians, podiatrists, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, and others. These health care professionals may have their own practices, work within someone’s practice or be employed by a health care facility or company. They may or may not be involved in the decision making process of the practice. However, they recognize sound business practices even if not directly involved in the decision making process, and are involved in their own personal finances.

The OTHER Medical Education, Inc

Post Office Box 600284

Saint Johns, FL 32260-0284



Feel free to welcome Dr. Phillips to the Medical Executive-Post. We look forward to his insightful posts, comments and other contributions. Better yet! Give his site a click – or telephone call – and tell us what you think!


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One Response

  1. Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations [Management Strategies, Operational Techniques, Tools, Templates and Case Studies]


    In the business of medicine, there are three ways to increase revenue 1) charge more, 2) do more, and/or 3) do the work more efficiently. In the current health care market where reimbursements are decreasing in the face of increasing expenses, a systemized approach is needed to maximize revenue to remain viable in the current health care arena.

    Dr. David Edward Marcinko and Professor Hope Rachel Hetico in their new book, Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations [Management Strategies, Operational Techniques, Tools, Templates and Case Studies] bring their vast healthcare experience along with additional national experts to provide a healthcare model-based framework to allow health care professionals to utilize the checklists and templates to evaluate their own systems, recognize where the weak links in the system are and, applying the well illustrated principles, improve the efficiency of the system without sacrificing quality patient care.

    I first became aware of Dr. Marcinko while doing research for the master’s thesis in my post graduate LL.M. program following graduation from law school. The topic of my thesis was The Anatomy and Psychology of Physician Investments. There was no shortage of literature about the psychology of investing. However, health care professionals in general and physician in particular are more unique in the psychological forces that guide their investing. Dr. Marcinko’s previous book, Financial Planning Handbook for Physicians and Advisors, provided the foundation of physician investing allowing me to add to the discussion by bringing the academic ivory tower discussion into the everyday clinical environment of the physician. Since that time I have benefited from his websites, our correspondences and telephone conversations.

    As nothing in a health care system is isolated unto itself and is co-dependent upon a number of other departments in the system, maximizing efficiency across departments and among different types of health care workers may prove to be a task many are called upon to undertake but few have succeeded. If the number of assets such as hospital beds, operating rooms, ICU suites are fixed then these units must be maximized by working more efficiently to allow these fixed assets to be utilized more within calendar period thus resulting in increase revenue generation.

    My wife and I recently experienced a health care delivery system that could have been detailed as a case history in this book. She had a total knee arthroplasty done by the doctor’s doctor in joint replacement in Florida. This physician does 1,000 total joints a year operating only three days a week. Doing the math you can see he does on average 6 plus joints a day, three days a week, 52 weeks a year. The procedures take on average about two hours, his patients are up walking within one hour of arriving from the recovery room and spend two-three nights in the hospital. The surgeon rounds every morning at 5 a.m. with the head nurse, the head of physical therapy, the discharge planner and his physician assistant to assure everything is done to maximize the patient’s recovery while utilizing the hospital’s resources efficiently. With an average surgeon’s fee of $4,550 per procedure, the billable yearly income for the surgeon is $4,550,000.00. Using a conservative multiplier for hospital billing of 10, the billable income for the hospital is $45,550,000.00. The list could go on about how the hospital and surgeon have combined their efforts to effectively deliver quality medical care while efficiently utilizing resources to maximize revenue.

    As detailed in the book, a system like this did not occur overnight. You cannot just look at a single individual department in the hospital and expect that its maximization would deliver a similar system to the above example. Instead, you must look at every department that the patient would come into contact with either directly or indirectly and make sure to identify any processes which might delay, deter or bottle neck the overall delivery system.

    Hospital and Healthcare Organizations [Management Strategies, Operational Techniques, Tools, Templates and Case Studies] is divided into three sections; 1) managerial fundaments, 2) policy and procedures and 3) strategies and executions. From these essential topics comes direction and guidance through the use and application of practical health care centered discussion, templates, checklists and clinical examples to provide the framework for building a clinically efficient system.

    The health care delivery system is not an assembly line but with persistence and time following established guidelines established in this book, quality patient care can be delivered, efficiently, affordably while maintaining financial viability of institutions and practices.

    James Winston Phillips MD MBA JD LLM
    Post Office Box #600284
    Saint Johns, FL 32260-0284
    Ph: (904) 613-3062


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