The Texas Dental Association Board Must Face the Truth

More on NPI Numbers

[By D. Kellus Pruitt DDS]

Dear Past TDA Board Members

I have some questions similar to the ones that got me suspended from the TDA a year ago: Who among you can defend your decision to persuade trusting TDA members to volunteer for National Provider Identifier (NPI) numbers?

And, why did you give up on the effort while BCBSTX continues to unfairly force dentists who aren’t even HIPAA covered entities to adopt the identifiers?

If you’re still unaware that everyone can see TDA leaders allowed themselves to be manipulated by stakeholders like BCBSTX, prepare yourself. It won’t be long before at least a few TDA members blame you personally for the bad things I warned would come to dentists with NPI numbers. Since the identifier does nothing to improve the quality of care, its promotion cannot be reconciled with the mission statement of the TDA, leaders. I hope angry dentists throughout the state seek the names of those of you who misled them.

A Non-Profit 

BCBSTX is a non-profit whose handsome profits are paid by taxpayers. The healthcare parasite sells dental insurance to theUSgovernment for federal employees. In their letter to me that I’ve attached, you can see for yourself that along with BCBSTX’s stated refusal to process any of their clients’ dental claims that come from my office, it says in capital letters, “DO NOT FORWARD THIS NOTIFICATION TO THE MEMBER!” How proud does it make you feel to know BCBSTX defines your level of ethics, TDA Board? Two years ago, your Director of Membership censored from the TDA Facebook this dentist’s criticism of BCBSTX’s NPI demands. Sometimes, you bozos are idiots.

I have no contractual relationship with BCBSTX, so as soon as could, I defied BCBSTX’s order and sent their client the letter – making sure to point out that BCBSTX ordered me to keep it secret from her. As you might expect, she’s pissed at BCBSTX! I hope she looks into a class action lawsuit. I bet BCBSTX has been secretly extorting their customers’ dentists by the thousands … but then, do you even care, TDA? What did BCBSTX offer the TDA that caused you to betray dentists and patients who used to have faith in your honesty?

BCBSTX is a Tyrant, and the TDA is an Enabler

There’s more: As a favor to our patients, my office has traditionally called their insurers for coverage information so that those who purchased the dental benefits will know how much of the bill they are responsible for before we start treatment. It’s called transparency.

Today, my office manager informed me that according to alerts she has received from insurers, if I don’t “volunteer” for a National Provider Identifier (NPI) number by 2012, my office will be deprived of the right to product information about BCBSTX’s plans. How does that help anyone, TDA?


Were you aware that this was the purpose of the NPI number when you pushed TDA members to sign up? Do you even care? Because of your silence inTexas’ dental community, it’s really hard to tell.


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