Who Admires the EU Healthcare Model?

Not so Fast – Old Man 

By Darrell K. Pruitt; DDS – el Viejo

Here’s something interesting I found on Courthouse News.com about Germany’s mandatory retirement age for dentists.

“EU Court OK’s Age Limits for Firefighters, Dentists” (no byline).


European Court of Justice  

“The European Court of Justice released a ruling reconciling a ban on age discrimination with German age limits for firefighting and dentistry.”  

The article continues:

“For dentists, the high court agreed with the national court that an age limit is justified by the need to protect patients from declining performance.”

As we wait for octogenarian Gordon Christensen DDS to discover and describe the lame “declining performance” claim in that statement, let me focus on the rest of the paragraph:

“But it said that such a limit must apply across the board, not only for panel-certified dentists within the public sector, but also for private practitioners.”

Touting the Next Generation of Dentists  

It gets worse. The EU openly states that it intends to hand young dentists (and mid-level providers?) an immediate chance at making swell money with a huge demand for dental care that will arise when thousands of thriving dental practices across Europe close.

“The Court of Justice also agreed that such a limit is reasonable to provide work positions for young dentists, but only if it can be proven to fulfill this purpose.”


Hell, I’ll probably still have kids in college if US HIT stakeholders fall in love with this plan. Not only that, but since thousands of dental practices like mine will be up for sale at the same time, the business I’ve built over the last 27 years will be worthless on the open market. 

So what are my plans? I hope the ADA is adequately protecting Americans from such folly.

And – if not?

Porque hablo español, tengo la intención de mover el culo viejo a una ciudad en la costa en México y sacar dientes a los extranjeros ilegales a su regreso desde el norte. ¡Viva el NAFTA!

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