Introducing our New Name

Or … What’s in a Formal Name?

By Ann Miller; RN, MHA


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Some ME-P readers have already noted our new moniker so it seems appropriate to formally announce our new name … domain name that is.

The Complete Migration

We’ve migrated from the rather unwieldy extension to the more facile and relevant

The first domain name refers to our companion institutional journal: Healthcare Organizations [Financial Management Strategies], located at Of course, the synergy there is perfect.

But, we were searching for something more expansive for the entire healthcare 2.0 universe for this rapidly growing blog, and had the epiphany to simply rename the site using our existing MEP tagline; and voila was born.


Not at all, since either name will get you to the same place via “domain sub-name pointing” technology.

What’s a Reader to Do?

So, what’s a reader to do about this name change; nothing! Just be aware and join us by reading and subscribing as you have always done … and we’ll do the rest. Fast, free and secure. Oh, and be sure to comment, too. Your opinion counts!


So, tell us what you think about our new name. Then, be sure to subscribe to the MEP. A rose by any other name … smells as sweet.

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