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[Mis] Adventures in Cardiology

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According to the author of this re-posted e-journal, Johns Hopkins Medicine has a long tradition of prioritizing patients, and striving for the bottom rung that are the anonymous poor.

And, many agree this is true. In fact, our Publisher-in-Chief grew up in Baltimore Maryland and has written about this venerable institution on the ME-P before.


If, for example, you catch a bullet on a Baltimore street corner, or your mother presents you at the ER as a feverish welfare child, then it us open season for the medical students, well meaning as they may be. They can practice on you because if  their actions result in an adverse outcome—which is to say that if you are mangled or killed—nobody will question said outcome, precisely because … you are a nobody.

At the other end of the spectrum are wealthy and prominent patients, who get treated by doctors who have already learned what not to do from the mistakes inflicted upon the lower classes.

Of … Quality Medical Care

However, sometimes mistakes happen, and medical errors do occur as we all are human. But, what is reported to have happened to one journalists’ wife – Pam – at Johns Hopkins Hospital in March of 2002 is beyond the pale.

As a middle class citizen, she landed somewhere in the middle of the bell shaped curve. Maybe she got snookered by all the hype from US News into thinking that she was going to be treated by the best doctor at “The Best Hospital in America” … You decide.


This is the story of what happened to Pam; as reported by her journalist husband Don.

Link: http://adventuresincardiology.com/


Indignation Index: 96

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