Post MVA: GO FUND ME for Kirby “Sasha” Fenton

Post M.V.A.

Dr. Charles F. Fenton

My son, Kirby “Sasha” Fenton sustained a devastating medical injury in a motor vehicle accident on January 16, 2018 in Marietta, GA.

As of this writing, he had surgery last night and has additional surgery planned for this morning (due to blood loss during the first surgery). Additional surgeries are expected. He will be in Wellstar Kennestone Hospital for at least a week and then will be transferred to a rehabilitation facility for an extended period of time.

He is NOT expected to make a full recovery. He will have permanent, significant disability.

Sasha needs funds for (1) medical expenses, (2) legal expenses connected to the accident, (3) rehabilitation expenses, and (4) most especially expenses relating to his transitioning to his life as a disabled person – this is really where he needs the bulk of funds.

Marietta Daily Journal Article:

Sasha will appreciate your generosity.

Thank You

EDITOR’S DISCLOSURE: Dr. Fenton is a friend, colleague and frequent contributor to this ME-P, as well as our textbooks and related white-papers.


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