MARCH “IDES”: Banking, Markets and Labor


By Staff Reporters



The Ides of March (today) is infamous for being the date Julius Caesar was killed. But before that happened, it was mostly known as the deadline by which the ancient Romans had to settle their debts.

Speaking of debts?

Markets: Banking debt crisis averted? While many questions remain over the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, stocks boomed yesterday in a sign Wall Street has moved past the “panic” stage of this drama. Regional banks like First Republic, whose shares got trounced on Monday, rebounded as the threat of an SVB-like bank run dissipated.


Finally, while the US labor market remains strong, layoffs have spiked in 2023. Companies announced 180,713 job cuts in January and February—the most to start any year since 2009, according to Challenger, Gray & Christmas. About one-third of the layoffs took place at tech companies, like Meta which just announced another 10,000 more..



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