Versus Technical Analysis

By Staff Reporters



In traditional finance transaction data is guarded by exchanges, brokers, banks and regulators. It’s not accessible to everyone and big players pay a fortune for it.

But, in crypto, Transaction Data is public and on-chain – but it’s not usable by everyone. So, manually making sense of raw blockchain data is practically impossible. The data needs to be processed and analyzed to be made useful. That’s what sophisticated blockchain analytics tools are doing.

The combination of on-chain data and transaction analysis is something that hasn’t been before – in crypto or traditional finance. Getting access to transaction data and tools for searching and analyzing it will unlock a goldmine of potential insight.

People who have been on the inside of projects and see how the sausage is made know that the explanations for price movements are often simple and based on key players buying and selling. When the biggest holders are dumping the price is likely to go down. When a major new buyer takes a position prices are likely to go up.

That’s insight traditional Technical Analysis cannot provide, because it’s limited to looking at price movements. Transaction data, instead, is the underlying activity that generates prices in crypto.


Technical Analysis:







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