COVID PANDEMIC: Official National Emergency Ending

By Staff Reporters



President Biden plans to end both the public health and national emergencies originally declared to address the Covid pandemic in 2020 (and extended several times since) on May 11th 2023.

The White House just disclosed the plan while opposing efforts by Republican lawmakers to end the emergency declarations immediately with a bill called the Pandemic Is Over Act. The end of the emergencies will mean that many Americans will have to start paying for COVID tests, treatments, and vaccines.

It also signals a shift in how serious the government considers the pandemic to be. But, is this wise?





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  1. When you develop life-saving treatments during a global pandemic, you’re going to end up making a lot of money.

    Pfizer’s profits hit a record $100 billion last year—57% of which was accounted for by its Covid vaccine and the antiviral pill Paxlovid. In fact, the combined sales of the vaccine and Paxlovid in 2022 topped Pfizer’s total revenue in 2019. But with Covid not the health emergency it once was, Pfizer warned that demand for both products will crash this year.


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