By Coach: Dr. David Edward Marcinko MBA





Practice with someone to become comfortable with the process.


• Pay attention to the background, what will be seen around and behind you. Get rid of
clutter – it affects “your presentation.” Make sure there is nothing in the background you
don’t want anyone to see including personal pictures, etc.

• Conduct the test in the same location you plan to conduct the video interview.
• Adjust lighting to highlight your face. Do not let light wash out your facial features.

• Have back-up equipment nearby (extra laptop, phones, cables).

• Dress in professional, conservative, non-fussy clothing as though you were going to be
with the committee in person. Wear a jacket.

• Wear a solid/bold color. Stay away from dark colors.

• Stay away from prints (e.g. herringbone) which, depending upon the design, lighting and
camera pixels, can make your outfit “vibrate” on screen.

• Dress knowing that the committee will see you “closer up” than you will see them.
Eye Contact/Body Language/Clear Communications

• Be sure to look at the camera not at the image of the committee on the screen;
otherwise you do not appear to be “looking them in the eye” or will appear nervous.

• It is hard to read committee body language without typical in-person conversation cues,
so watch the time and limit each answer to 3-4 minutes. Be attuned to a timer.

• Be attentive to your body language — leaning back in your chair is a no-no; lean forward
to convey interest in the position and the committee. Don’t rock back and forth.

• Place support things out of camera range (glass of water, a timer, notes, notepad, pen,
list of committee members) so your eyes go to the side and not up/down to these items.

• Don’t be afraid to ask to have questions repeated, either because the question was long
and complex or because of audio problems. Jot notes on complex questions.


Sound Amplification and Noise Control:

• Microphones magnify noises and can be distracting to the committee. Avoid ruffling
papers and jangling jewelry. In the same vein, speak up clearly and enunciate your

• Place a “do not disturb/do not enter” sign on the door of your space. Turn off running
programs (like your email) to eliminate beeps when new emails arrive.

• Silence all other technology EXCEPT if there should be technical issues, turn your
phone back on to receive a call from your Greenwood/Asher consultant for

• Ask family and colleagues to be quiet during the interview. If a family member or
colleague is your resident IT expert, have that person close-at-hand but out-of-sight
during the call.

• Be prepared to switch to a landline or cell speaker phone for the audio portion since
audio with Skype/Zoom is not always great. If you do use this option, mute your
computer microphone to eliminate conflicting noise.





Thank You


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