REPORTING on Bank Health?

By Staff Reporters



Major banks report third quarter results, which should give an indication of the health of the US economy and financial system. So, investors, experts and regulators, who wonder about the health of the American economy and the banking system, will finally have a first and clear diagnosis. 

JPMorgan Chase JPM, Wells Fargo  (WFC) – Get Wells Fargo & Company Report, Citigroup  (C) – Get Citigroup Inc. Report and Morgan Stanley  (MS) – Get Morgan Stanley Report, four of the major U.S. banks, release their third quarter results on Oct. 14th, data that should give a picture of how bad things really are. And for a good reason. 

The monetary policy of the Federal Reserve has alarmed many economists who fear that such an aggressive rise in interest rates will cause the so-called hard landing of the economy in a recession.




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