OVERUSE: How Health System Characteristics Impact Health Care

By Staff Reporters



The high cost of health care in the United States is partially driven by an over-emphasis on low-value health care that is potentially harmful and offers little benefit to most patients.

New research by Jodi Segal, MD, and colleagues, advances efforts to solve the low-value care problem by placing a spotlight on health care system factors that likely contribute to an overuse of care. The work is analyzed in the latest NIHCM Research Insights. Key findings include:

  • Systems that are investor-owned, or have fewer primary care physicians, are more likely to be associated with the overuse of care. 
  • Systems that have major teaching hospitals are less likely to overuse care.  

To continue investigating, evaluating, and addressing the drivers of overuse, the research team updated their Overuse Index tool. This Index may be especially useful for health systems seeking to monitor care use performance over time. This study’s findings may support future research and interventions to increase the use of high-value care.

READ HERE: https://nihcm.org/publications/what-health-system-characteristics-are-associated-with-overuse-of-health-care-in-the-us

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