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  1. Only 16% Surveyed Want The Government Alone to Run Medicare

    A recent report compiled from more than 6,400 anonymous responses to surveys of the general population and of Medicare beneficiaries looked at “What Medicare beneficiaries want – and don’t want – from government”

    • 83% want the federal government to take action to lower the cost of prescription drugs by negotiating with pharmaceutical companies. This is true across political lines, including strong majorities of Democrats (93%), Republicans (73%), and Independents (84%).
    • 92% want to see dental, vision, and hearing benefits added to traditional Medicare coverage, but only 50% feel the same if it would add to their costs.
    • Among Medicare beneficiaries, majorities of Republicans (56%), Independents (56%) and Democrats (51%) say Medicare should continue to be operated through public/private cooperation. Only 16% overall want the government alone to run the program.

    Source: eHealth, “eHealth Releases Health Insurance Trends: A Comprehensive Bi-Annual Study of the Health Care Industry,” November 2021


  2. Medicare OUT?

    Medicare, due to become insolvent in just five years, already comprises one-eighth of the federal budget. By 2050, it will constitute 25% of federal spending, crucially driving the share of interest owed on the national debt to triple from 2031 to 2051.



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