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We are a multi-faceted educational and information services forum. The principal consumers of our didactic products are physicians, nurse managers and health care executives; financial advisors, lawyers and accountants; legal, medical and professional societies; and libraries, technical healthcare corporations and healthcare financial services research organizations throughout the United States. We accommodate our selected markets through continuity format books, prestigious society print guides, periodicals, newsletters, speaking engagements, and various multimedia platforms.

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Risk Management, Liability Insurance, and Asset Protection Strategies for Doctors and Advisors: Best Practices from Leading Consultants and Certified Medical Planners™ Comprehensive Financial Planning Strategies for Doctors and Advisors: Best Practices from Leading Consultants and Certified Medical Planners™

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8 Responses

  1. Support Research and Development

    Integrating [Health Economics, Personal Finance and Medical Practice Management]

    Staff Writers

    Producing innovative electronic forums, interviewing movers-and-shakers, producing books, stellar dictionaries, and crating unique white-papers is arduous and costly in the fluctuating healthcare industrial complex. Writers, editors, managers and all types of journalistic and IT staff are involved. And so, we often reach out to readers and subscribers for support. Our research and development initiatives are continuous and our coffers are always open!

    If you are a regular reader of the Executive-Post, you already know that we keep you informed, almost daily, by integrating personal financial planning information with contemporary medical practice management data. Our goal is to save you time and expose you to new ideas, or reinforce existing concepts.

    Of course, our premium quarterly subscription print guide keeps you informed about institutional health economics and management issues, as well. But, Healthcare Organizations [Financial Management Strategies] is a two-volume, 1,200 pages journal. It is professionally written and peered-reviewed. And, it is the vehicle that takes our subscribers to the next enterprise level

    You can support these efforts by making a donation by check or money-order, or via this PayPal® link:

    Thanks in advance to all who choose to donate. If you cannot, or do not, that is fine too.

    Drop us a line and keep visiting one of the blogosphere’s leading forums in health economics, personal finance and medical practice management. You can freely subscribe to the Executive-Post here:

    Thanks again, in advance, for your readership, subscriptions and support!
    Editors and Staff
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    iMBA Inc
    Suite # 5901 Wilbanks Drive
    Norcross, Georgia 30092-1141 USA
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  2. Help Support the ME-P

    You were among of the first; the early adopters if you will. You saw the troubling state of healthcare, medical economics, private practice and the financial services community in our country.

    And, you believed in the ME-P and our brand of new-wave, informed and collaborative investigative journalism … to do something about it.

    Here’s how:

    Ann Miller; RN, MHA
    [Executive Director]


  3. About the Publisher-in-Chief

    Dr. David Edward Marcinko, a former residency director, department chairman, and hospital vice-president in Atlanta GA, retired from clinical practice at the age of 45 after selling his Ambulatory Surgery Center to a public company. As a fellow and board certified surgeon, he authored more than two dozen medical and business textbooks in three languages, teaching and operating in the EuroZone, co-founding a pre-IPO PPMC, and forming a series of successful internet ventures while still maintaining a 60 hour work week.

    His companies have created dozens of cognitive products in the last few years that maintain a comfortable lifestyle that started from his home office after retirement. Dr. Marcinko, picked up an MBA degree, became a certified financial planner and insurance agent, and developed a cult following thru collaborative on-ground and online education for physicians, medical professionals, financial advisors and management consultants. A social media pioneer and publisher, this Medical Executive-Post is an influential syndicated blog with thousands of content contributions from nationally know experts.

    Dr. Marcinko is a highly sought after futurist and speaker in the areas of health economics, financial planning, medical practice management and related entrepreneurial e-insights for intersecting sectors in the healthcare industrial complex.

    Hope Rachel Hetico; RN MHA CPHQ CMP
    [Managing Editor]



    Forge a strategic alliance partnership with iMBA, Inc and the Certified Medical Planner® program.

    The Instituteof Medical Business Advisors Inc – an educational network – conducts original research, produces textbooks, tools, CD-ROMs, handbooks, health administration dictionaries and compelling online content. We also sponsor the Certified Medical Planner® program.

    Most importantly, we facilitate a referral exchange that integrates management and financial solutions so doctors can build medical practices and enrich their lives. Our products, education and service segments serve physicians, dentists, podiatrists, osteopaths, nurses, hospitals, clinics and all members of the healthcare community. We also serve financial advisors, institutions, broker-dealers, RIAs and their traditional onground or website initiatives.

    By supporting us, you achieve recognition in a national marketplace that represents thought leaders and visionaries of the healthcare industrial complex. For example, we have networked with Fortune 500 healthcare technology and pharmaceutical companies, as well as financial service corporations and business management consultants; large and small.

    We represent diverse investment opportunities, potential clients and an expanding economic future.

    Contact: or call 770.448.0769


  5. Your opinion counts

    We love our readers at the ME-P, so we’re giving you a soapbox. In return for giving you a place to speak your opinion, we simply ask you adhere to a few guidelines.

    For example, while we expect our commenters to have lively discussions, racist, hate-filled, harassing or libelous comments will not be tolerated.

    Thank you.

    Ann Miller RN MHA


  6. Donations and Volunteers Welcome

    We’re not yet a 501(c)3 tax exempt organization, so we can’t offer you the coveted “tax deduction.” However, it does take $$ resources and manpower to run any organization.


    We welcome donations of any size, no matter how small. Please help us accomplish our mission of education. On the contact form, simply indicate your desire to contribute, and we will provide you with the mailing address and/or link to make such a contribution. And, we can accept them via PayPal, as well.


    We are building our volunteer pool of support staff, people who are familiar with the management of blogs and mailing lists; people who can initiate preliminary contacts with our unique population of web visitors and send them requested information; people who are intimately familiar with the management and financial struggles physicians and their families face in modernity. We want to hear from you. We welcome your inquiry and potential assistance.

    Please mention in the contact form that you’re interested in volunteering. Needless to say, given the sensitive nature of this endeavor, we are going to interview each candidate to ensure integrity and trustworthiness. We hope you will take no offense.

    [iMBA., Inc – CFO]


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