AHIP: Botox Marked Up 78% in Hospitals Over Pharmacies 

By Staff Reporters



AHIP: Botox Marked Up 78% in Hospitals Over Pharmacies 

•  Botox markups: 78% in hospitals, 17% in physician offices
 •  Herceptin markups: 131% in hospitals, 40% in physician offices
 •  Keytruda markups: 104% in hospitals, 21% in physician offices
 •  Ocrevus markups: 59% in hospitals, 13% in physician offices
 •  Opdivo markups: 112% in hospitals, 18% in physician offices
 •  Prolia markups: 215% in hospitals, 49% in physician offices
 •  Remicade markups: 124% in hospitals, 15% in physician offices
 •  Rituxan markups: 85% in hospitals, 7% in physician offices
 •  Tecentriq markups: 95% in hospitals, 25% in physician offices
 •  Xolair markups: 76% in hospitals, 16% in physician offices

Notes: Drugs with the highest total spend in 2019, which are also commonly delivered through specialty pharmacies. The drug cost estimate in physician offices and hospitals does not include the cost of administering the drugs.
Source: AHIP, “Hospital Price Hikes: Markups for Drugs Cost Patients Thousands of Dollars,” February 2022

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