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  1. ONC Looks For Comments on How to Improve Prior Authorization

    The Office of the National Coordinator (ONC) for Health Information Technology is taking aim at one of the prime pain points for clinicians, providers, payers, and patients – the prior authorization process. Finding standards and using them, which would enable organizations to use data exchange to automate at least some of the prior authorization process would help improve patient safety, ensure continuity of care, reduce administrative burden, and help relieve clinician burden.

    ONC last week announced that it is seeking public comment on electronic prior authorization standards, implementation specifications, and certification criteria that could be adopted within the ONC Health IT Certification Program. “Responses to this (Request for Information) may be used to inform potential future rulemaking to better enable providers to interact with healthcare plans and other payers for the automated, electronic completion of prior authorization tasks,” the ONC announced.

    Source: HealthData Management [1/26/22]
    via PM


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