5 Initiatives to Improve Health Equality in the U.S.

Percentage with Initiative in Place



By Charlene Ice

  1. Increasing access to care: 25% of U.S. healthcare leaders
  2. Providing care in the community/community outreach: 24% of U.S. healthcare leaders
  3. Promoting community education: 17% of U.S. healthcare leaders
  4. Generating financial support for under-served communities: 16% of U.S. healthcare leaders
  5. Identifying collaborative partners: 11% of U.S. healthcare leaders

Notes: Responses from U.S. healthcare leaders according to Philips’ “Future Health Index 2022” report, an analysis of feedback from nearly 3,000 healthcare leaders across 15 countries.
Source: Phillips, June 8, 2022
Source URL: https://www.usa.philips.com/a-w/about/news/archive/standard/…


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