SURVEY: Surgical Cost Spending




EHIR was started nearly a decade ago out of a need for objective support in identifying and assessing emerging solutions to sift through the noise and stay ahead of the curve amid a rapidly changing competitive landscape. EHIR provides a streamlined and efficient innovation intake and evaluation process along with valuable insights to the world’s leading employers.


Employer Health Innovation Roundtable, LLC

4 KEY Findings

 •  The survey found that 59% indicated lowering costs was a very high, or high, priority – up from 52% prior to the pandemic.
 •  Over half of the employers surveyed indicated that surgical costs were a significant issue, with surgery accounting for 34% of their total healthcare spend. About 75% noted that by controlling surgery costs, they can largely reduce their total spend.


*  Even though 69% of employers have a COE (Center of Excellence), the majority of them have been implemented within the past two years, and not with an eye to specifically reducing surgical costs.
 *  Only 9% of respondents rely on carrier-sponsored COEs, which suggests that they are seeking out third-party vendors for this benefit, as either the sole COE provider or as a partner with the employer’s health plan carrier.

Source: EHIR and Carrum Health via PRNewswire, May 4, 2022



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