The RETURN of Paper Dental Records?

By Darrell Pruitt DDS



More reasons to stick with paper if you haven’t yet become paperless, Doc 

“Paying Ransomware Paints Bigger Bullseye on Target’s Back – Ransomware attackers often strike targets twice, regardless of whether the ransom was paid. Paying ransomware attackers doesn’t pay off and often paints a bigger target on a victim’s back. Eighty percent of ransomware victims that paid their attackers were hit a second time by the malware scourge.” – Threatpost, June 8, 2022.

A dentist can avoid the second ransomware attack by returning to paper … What? Yeah. I said it.

“New ransomware numbers come from a Cybereason’s April ransomware survey of 1,456 cybersecurity professionals. According to the gated report (registration required), victims that were successfully extorted were not only targeted a second time, but frequently data encrypted by criminals later became unusable during the decryption process because of corruption issues.”

OR – one can retire!




Thank You




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  1. Ransomware News

    “Twice as Many Healthcare Organizations Paid Extortion After Ransomware Attacks, but Only 2% Recovered All Data” By Alicia Hope for CPO Magazine, June 9, 2022.

    “Most organizations that paid a ransom were hit with a second ransomware attack” By Steve Zurier for SC Media, June 8, 2022.

    “Ransomware attacks have increased by 80% year-over-year” By HelpNetSecurity, June 9, 2022.

    Darrell Pruitt DDS


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