DONATE: Your Body to Science?


Advancing the Science of Medicine with a Priceless, No Cost Option

Everything we know about the human body comes from studying whole body donors. At MedCure, they connect you or your loved ones to the physicians, surgeons, and researchers who are continuing this vital work. Their discoveries and innovations help people live longer, make treatments less invasive, and create new ways to prevent illness or disease.

They are constantly overwhelmed by the incredible generosity and selflessness of donors.  MedCure honors their gifts by covering, upon acceptance, all expenses related to the donation process. These costs include transportation from the place of passing, cremation, and a certified copy of the death certificate, as well as the return of cremated remains to the family or a scattering of the ashes at sea. By request, they can provide a family letter that shares more detailed information on how you or your loved one contributed to medical science.


How to Donate Your Body to Science | Discover Magazine






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