OPEN LETTER on Dental Practice Management Ransomware

By Darrell Pruitt DDS

Dear Kiltesh Patel

CEO of tab32 dental practice management software

A recent report says “60% of organizations hit by ransomware-as-a-service attacks in the past 18 months.”



See the source image

QUERY: Doesn’t that mean that 60% of tab32 customers have been hit by ransomware as well?

QUERY: Have you yet come to the conclusion that ignoring dentists’ and patients’ concerns about security is a bad business decision?

Give it time! 




Thank You


One Response

  1. E-prescriptions in dentistry – This won’t end well.

    Just as insurers back away from ransomware coverage, Dentrix doubles down on promoting e-prescription software. Doc, do you think dental patients really need e-prescriptions? Why?

    “Insurers run from ransomware cover as losses mount” By Carolyn Cohn for Reuters, November 19, 2021

    – Lloyd’s of London discourages cyber expansion-sources
    – Ransomware as profitable as Colombian cocaine cartels
    – Some insurers asking policyholders to pay half of ransoms
    – Attackers change strategy from scattergun to focused

    Electronic prescriptions offer ransomware attackers huge, vulnerable targets to focus on. Paper prescriptions – not so much. So if electronic prescriptions offer NO TANGIBLE BENEFIT to offset dental patients’ risk of medical identity theft, why bother?

    Darrell Pruitt DDS


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