PODCAST: Direct Primary Medical Care


Direct Primary Care (DPC) Involves an Employer or a Patient Paying for a Doctor via a Monthly Membership Fee.  DPC Doctors Do NOT Bill Insurance.  There is NO Fee-for-Service.

Texas CEO Magazine Eric Bricker 1 - SO 14 - Texas CEO Magazine

There is Copay for Each Office Visit and Visits are Unlimited.

Direct Primary Care Doctors Are Most Frequently Family Practice Physicians, but Internal Medicine and Pediatricians Can Also Have Direct Primary Care Practices.

The Average Direct Primary Care Practice Has a Panel of 345 Patients, with a Goal of About 600 Patients at Full Capacity.

For Comparison, the Typical Fee-for-Service Primary Care Doctor Has a Patient Panel of 2,500.

57% of Direct Primary Care Practices Contract with Employers That Pay the Monthly Membership on the Employee’s Behalf.

Direct Primary Care is a Strategy to Increase the Quality of Care and Decrease Healthcare Costs for an Employee Health Plan.

Disclaimer Dr. Bricker is the Chief Medical Officer of Virtual Care Company First Stop Health.


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