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  1. How Commercial Health Plans Spend Your Premiums

    • 21.5¢ Prescription Drugs
    • 19.8¢ Out-Patient Hospital Costs
    • 19.0¢ In-Patient Hospital Costs
    • 12.1¢ Doctor Visits
    • 6.0¢ Other Out-Patient Care
    • 4.6¢ Taxes and Fees
    • 4.4¢ Other Administrative Expenses
    • 3.2¢ Emergency Room Costs
    • 3.1¢ Other Fees and Business Expenses
    • 2.4¢ Cost Containment
    • 0.8¢ Quality Improvement
    • 3.0¢ Profit

    Notes: This data includes employer-provided coverage as well as coverage you purchase on your own. Data reflects averages for the 2016-18 benefit years. Percentages do not add up to 100% due to rounding.

    Source: Where Does Your Health Care Dollar Go? AHIP. June 4, 2021

    Ann Miller RN MHA


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