Hospitals and Price Transparency



(a) In this section, “hospital” means a hospital: (1) licensed under Chapter 241; or (2) owned or operated by this state or an agency of this state. (b) A hospital shall disclose the hospital’s cash price for each health care service regularly provided by the hospital. The required disclosure must be made: (1) by posting the prices on the Internet website of the hospital; or (2) if the hospital does not have an Internet website, by providing the prices in writing on request to any person.

SECTION 2. This Act takes effect September 1, 2021.

One Response

  1. Penalty

    Because of the lame $300/day penalty for non-compliance, it’s an easy sell to most hospital boards that paying the fine of $109,500 annually is way less expensive than the hit they would take were their negotiated prices with the carriers they’re contracted with revealed.



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