What Your Corona Virus Test Really Means?

Positive -OR- Negative




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    “Calculations from Goldman Sachs, a bank, suggest that a 15 percentage-point rise in the share of the population that wears masks would reduce the daily growth of cases by about one percentage point. That obviates the need for lockdown measures that would otherwise subtract nearly 5% from gdp. The Economist took those calculations a step further. According to our reckoning, an American wearing a mask for a day is helping prevent a fall in GDP of $56.14. Not bad for something that you can buy for about 50 cents apiece.
These economic benefits suggest that governments should do even more to nudge the minority of people who still forgo masks. English shoppers without a face-covering risk a fine of £100-3,200 ($130-4,200). Authorities in Turkey and Tuscany have handed out free ones to citizens. Perhaps governments should do more—such as pay people to wear them.

    After all, the large economic benefits of doing so have finally been unmasked.”

    Dr. David E. Marcinko MBA


  2. What’s happening J&J

    The future of the single-shot Johnson & Johnson covid vaccine is in limbo while US regulators gather and review data on side effects—rare blood clots in the brain. The review will take at least a week. The goal is to work out who might be most at risk of complications, and how that compares to the risk of catching and spreading covid. The clots appear very similar to ones associated with AstraZeneca’s covid vaccine, which many European countries have limited or even stopped using.

    The outcome for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in the US may end up being similar to that for AstraZeneca in the EU, where several countries have adopted tiered recommendations, with different vaccines offered to different age groups.



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