The AJPH Continues

Dear Dr. David Marcinko,


This month, AJPH continues to publish and promote COVID-19 papers that discuss the impact of the pandemic on the future of public health. Please visit the compiled list of our COVID-19 articles. The July issue also focuses on topics related to abortion, misinformation and structural racism and redlining. Here are a few of the many articles in the July 2020 issue:


·  Podcast: COVID-19: Are We In This Pandemic All Together?

·  The Public Health We Need

· Public Health Perspective in the Times of COVID-19

· COVID-19: The First Post-Truth Pandemic

· Accurate Statistics on COVID-19 Are Essential for Policy Guidance and Decisions

· Producing Independent, Systematic Review Evidence: Cochrane’s Response to COVID-19

· Will There Be an Epidemic of Corollary Illnesses Linked to a COVID-19–Related Recession?

·  Teaching Public Health Will Never Be the Same

·  Abortion Trends in Georgia following Enactment of the 22-Week Gestational Age Limit

· Structural Racism, Historical Redlining, and Risk of Preterm Birth in New York City.


Also, as we maintain physical separation, check out the June issue of AJPH via e-Reader or Kindle. The mission of AJPH is to advance public health research, policy, practice and education. Toward that goal, the journal also produces monthly podcasts available in English, Spanish and Chinese at The monthly podcasts also are on iTunes and Google Play. Be on the lookout for more timely research from AJPH, and consider subscribing or becoming an APHA member for full access.

Stay safe,



Alfredo Morabia, MD, PhD

Editor-in-chief, AJPH



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