MYSPACE:- Music Loss – EHR Metaphor?

Twelve Years of Tunes Just Vanished

A Metaphor for EHRs?

[By staff reporters]

According to the MIT Technology Review, MySpace has lost all the music uploaded during its first 12 years

The company’s data protection officer blamed it on a server migration, and said it had lost over 50 million songs from 14 million artists.

A while coming:

All music on MySpace (aw, remember?) from 2015 and earlier stopped working about a year ago. Originally, the company said it was working on the issue, but it has been forced to admit all the data has been lost (no, it didn’t have any backups.)

A niche issue:

Okay, most people don’t keep their only copy of a particular record on MySpace. But the fact that so much material can be lost in one fell swoop is a reminder that the internet is not an archive. If you don’t have a physical backup, files can be lost, regardless of how unlikely that might feel.




Assessment: Any thoughts relative to this topic or the emerging FB situation? How about electronic medical records [EMRs], etc?


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