The 10 Worst Technologies of the 21st Century?

 MIT Technology Review


 MIT Technology Review

The latest issue, MIT Technology Review revealed 10 breakthrough technologies, chosen by Bill Gates, that he thinks will change the world for the better. We thought it only fair (and fun) to come up with a corresponding list of 10 “bad” technologies.

A hard choice: What makes them bad? Well, it could be because they fail to achieve good aims, or succeed in wicked ones. They could be harmful, flawed, or ahead of their time.

Sad: The Segway turned out to be an expensive scooter that makes you look silly. Google Glass, on the other hand, makes the list as a decent technology that just lacked decent enough uses when it launched.

Bad: Electronic voting made the cut for making elections more vulnerable. The CRISPR babies born in November 2018 are on there too, because indiscriminate uses of the technology should worry us. Data trafficking, where our data is shared and used without our control, is undermining freedom and democracy—it had to be one there.

Mad: Of course, some inventions have no redeeming features whatsoever. May we present: selfie sticks.

AssessmentRead the full list here.


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