The Evolution of Automobile Safety

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Technology Rolls On

By Dr. David Edward Marcinko MBA

By Matthew Pelletier [safety consultant]

DEM in his 1990 MiataMost ME-P readers are aware that I am a vintage Jaguar and automobile [sober] fanatic. And, after years of covering the local Emergency Room, I am glad to be retired from that job … Much better suited for the next-gen ED physician.

Perhaps, that’s why we occasionally post such leisure and lifestyle info-graphics for our audience and members.


Fortunately, much progress has been substantial since the automobile first made its mark on the transportation of people. The technology in auto safety has accelerated, especially over the last ten years, and with better engineering and consumer demand for safer vehicles there has been a reduction in the number of deaths and injuries from automobiles.

The Olden Days – Not so Golden

It seems absurd to hear people say cars aren’t made the way they used to be. Enhanced safety features show how inferior vehicles from the past are. Seat belts, overall structure, airbags and crash tests have saved lives and made car transportation safer for all drivers. Many find driving safety videos also help make everyone safer.




The above infographic provides information on the changes in safety to automobiles throughout history.

• Government legislation and automakers have continually worked on improving automobile safety features over the last 100 years.
• States like Michigan implement drivers education programs before licenses are issued helping to educate in safe driving practices.
• New technology and engineering meet consumer demand and show automakers are listening to their customers by designing safer cars with the newest and best safety systems available.

Continuing Development of Safety Features

The continuing development of safety features and engineering are driving car makers to give consumers the safety features and peace of mind they want for themselves and their families when they travel on the road. Automakers and engineers understand crashes and vehicle motion which then applies to a better and more advanced understanding during the design and constructing of new vehicle models.


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3 Responses

  1. Jay Leno

    Here is a YouTube video of his new jaguar being built.




  2. When should drivers retire from driving?

    An important article for all FAs, insurance agents, doctors and ME-P readers.



  3. Some Safe Driving Tips for Doctors

    ME-P readers:

    Bus drivers take their lives into their hands every day on city streets and interstate highways. Despite challenging traffic conditions and the responsibility of a large vehicle and numerous passengers, bus drivers find ways to stay safe while keeping up with demanding routes and schedules. These unsung heroes of the road universally command respect, but they also offer important lessons to ordinary drivers who share busy roads with buses every day. So in the spirit of safe driving, allow us to share a few bus-driver inspired tips with you!

    Distracted Driving

    Modern technology has caused an addiction for many bus drivers as they struggle to communicate while safely driving a bus. An Italian bus driver was caught on video simultaneously using two cell phones while steering his bus with his elbows. This talent showed the world that cell phone use behind the wheel might not present the extreme danger most people expect. Seriously, bus drivers can provide some good examples of how not to drive. Although many states have laws in place restricting the use of electronic devices while driving, many states do not. All drivers should avoid risking their lives and the lives of passengers by reserving cell phone use to emergencies while driving.

    Road Rage

    A New York City school bus driver named Juan DelValle side-swiped a car on a crowded city street and was subsequently attacked by the offended driver. DelValle was within days of his long-awaited retirement and died from severe injuries to his brain. This one example shows how a minor traffic incident can quickly escalate into a life-changing event for unprepared drivers. Drivers should exercise extreme caution every time they have an incident with another driver. After an accident, drivers who feel threatened can call police and wait in their cars until help arrives.


    Bus drivers illustrate why no one should sit behind the wheel of a vehicle when fatigued. Investigators determined that a tour bus crash in New York that killed 15 passengers was caused by a sleepy driver. The bus driver, Ophadell Williams, was charged with criminally negligent homicide. His life might never return to its previous state. Drivers who spend time getting the sleep they need might arrive late at their destination, but they also arrive with a clear conscience, an alert mind, and living passengers.

    Defensive Driving

    A Transit bus in Los Osos, California rolled down an embankment after colliding with a car on a dark and wet stretch of road. Bus drivers know they cannot count on the driving skills of other motorists for safety, so they drive defensively. In the Los Osos case, the bus driver managed to stay alive after the Mercedes crossed the center line. Although the driver of the automobile died in the wreck, all the bus passengers lived. Every driver should periodically take time to review defensive-driving tactics or to attend a defensive driving class to improve their ability to respond to unexpected circumstances on the highway.

    Nalley Roswell


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