Finding [In]-Equality in [Medical and Financial Services] Executive Leadership

On Women Rising in the Professional Workforce

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Over the course of thousands of years, men have continued success in their dominant roles. However, it’s no surprise that 21st century data seems to be leaning toward the women; especially female physicians and female executives in the financial services industry.

Of course, we have written on leadership and gender differences before, on this ME-P, and in our textbooks, journal, handbooks and CDs, etc. All hve been medically focused or aimed at the financial services industry sector.

But, this infographic illustrates the overall success and independence that women have now experienced. Not only in relationships and family – but in business, medicine, finance and education – women have seen increasing gains of power.



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3 Responses

  1. The Case for Women

    Women in numbers – in the US and World



  2. The frustrating gap of physician leadership skills

    One of the big practice challenges most physicians face is a frustrating gap in our leadership skills. We step out of residency and are instantly installed as the leader of a multidisciplinary team charged with delivering the highest quality care to our patients.

    This new leadership role can be daunting. We are prepared to diagnose and treat, but what about all the other questions that come our way? At times It can feel like you don’t “have what it takes” when, in fact, this leadership vacuum is a natural consequence of our medical training and medicine’s unique business model.

    Here are three leadership challenges specific to physicians – with suggestions on how to bypass them for a better day at the office for you, your staff and your patients.

    Dr. Branton


  3. Podiatrists Rank #8 in Occupational Pay Inequality

    The following table ranks the gender pay gap by occupation. Pay data was for those employed civilian labors age 16+ with earnings who worked full-time and year-round in 2014.

    #8 Podiatrists
    * Male podiatrists: $135,579 (median income)
    * Female podiatrist: $99,821 (median income)
    * Pay gap by earnings $35,758
    * Pay gap 0.74

    Source: Wei Lu, Bloomberg [9/22/15]


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