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Transformational Experiences and Innovation in Healthcare

[By Staff Reporters]

To solve human problems

HumanCondition [HCX] was created with the notion that in order to truly innovate – you need to be sensitive, yet take risks and make bold moves. Listen well, understand modern technologies and above all understand how to benefit from insightful, sensitive and intelligent design.

The Vision

The HCX vision is through a wide lens to see opportunities others would miss. They make sure to vet carefully to avoid dredging and believe there are smarter and faster ways to problem solving if you know the appropriate tools to use–and if these tools don’t exist, to create them. Intelligent human capital coupled with the application of off-the-shelf and advanced technologies is a powerful mix.

To Innovate

The term innovation means a new way of doing something. It may refer to incremental or revolutionary changes in thinking, products, processes, or organizations. Ideas alone are one thing, yet true innovation is an idea applied successfully.

How to innovate?

HCX believes that in order to solve real business needs and problems you have to first really understand the problems. Don’t take a shotgun approach to problem solving. Rather, build insight, define goals, present observations then begin iterative ideation using modern design thinking.

To love what you do

You don’t often find such a diverse mix of talent from the creative, technical and business strategy worlds in one place. HCX stays focused on the end user’s experience and business objectives. What do you want them to say when they leave, and what do you want them to tell their friends and neighbors? How many years do you want them to remember your experience?


HCX analyzes challenging problems in health care and develops insightful solutions through proven methodologies. HCX works with healthcare facilities, pharmaceutical organizations, medical manufactures, teaching organizations and governments to define and create systems, products, training and communications toolsets that address the very specific needs of the healthcare industry.

Link: http://www.hcxdesign.com


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One Response

  1. Human capital

    Constructing a portfolio based only on how financial assets will perform and behave ignores many of the investor’s biggest assets: earning power, real estate and pension benefits such as social security.

    That can lead to taking on too much or too little risk, resulting in higher volatility in wealth.


    Adjust for human capital and other types of non-financial assets and you will end up with a much different, and better mix based on your particular situation.



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