Let’s Consider Two New Emerging Medical Delivery Models

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Entrepreneurial, New-Wave and Outside-the-Box Competitive Models

Dr. David Edward Marcinko MBA CMP™



I travel quite a bit in my professional and personal life. And, have been told possess an above-average curiosity in all things medical management. I look – see and report. So, what have I noted recently?

There are a number of new-wave health care delivery models now being explored to improve the manner in which medical care can be delivered. Let’s take a quick look at two emerging options at both the individual and institutional levels.

1. The Micro Medical Practice [MMP]

A micro medical practice [MMP] is a low overhead, high-tech, labor reduced and often mobile office model that allows more physician control and patient face-time [i.e., Dr. Ramona Seidel, Annapolis, Maryland]. This concept can be extended to those patients who want or need to pay cash for their health care; high deductible health insurance, health insurance with high co pays and residuals, etc.

Or, the concept may include that seen with the practice of physician-assistant Cheryl DeMonner PA-C at the Micro Medical Practice of Santa Cruz County. William Morris MD is her supervising physician.

Source: www.micromedsc.com

2. Satisfaction Guaranteed Medical Care

At the Detroit Medical Center, patient focused medical care is taken to a competitive extreme with this promise:

“If our patients are not absolutely satisfied with any aspect of their inpatient service or overnight stay in a DMC hospital, we will credit their patient pay balance up to $100.”

Guarantee applies to all inpatient (or overnight) stays and all surgery services provided at a DMC hospital. Adjustment/Refund is dependent upon the nature of dissatisfaction as follows:

  • Tier 1 ($25) Problems with physical facilities
  • Tier 2 ($50) Inadequate communication
  • Tier 3 ($75) Excessive wait issues
  • Tier 4 ($100) Poor service from employees

And, they have the twenty-nine minute emergency room guarantee.

Source: http://doctorandpatient.blogspot.com/2007/01/29-minute-er-guarantee.html


If you were to take a good guess as to what sort of new healthcare delivery business model will spring up next, you would be well served by looking at smaller private and more entrepreneurial entities [personal and primary care], rather than behemoth organizations [secondary or tertiary care].


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    Being in a hospital at night or over a weekend can be hazardous to your health, and even has a name: “the weekend effect.”

    A raft of studies has documented higher rates of death, complications and medical errors affecting patients treated at night or on weekends.




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