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Statistical Results for 2007
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In 2006, 52.4% of the 4,956 short-term, acute-care, nonfederal hospitals in the U.S. were affiliated with medical healthcare systems [MHSs], up from 51.8% of the 4,911 in 2005. Some other statistics are:

  • The average number of hospital days per 1,000 members of HMOs not owned by MHSs grew 6.6% in 2006, to 302.2 from 283.6 in 2005, the fifth consecutive annual increase.
  • In 2006, total hospital outpatient revenue was $103.6 million, up 9.9% from $94.3 million in 2005. As a consequence, the outpatient revenue percentage of total hospital revenue increased to 38.1% from 37.4% the prior year.
  • The average number of prescriptions dispensed to non-Medicare members of MHS-owned HMOs decreased slightly in 2006, to 8.5 from 8.7 the previous year.
  • Between 2005 (11,485.8) and 2006 (11,292.9), the average number of admissions fell at hospitals in MHSs that owned HMOs, the first such decline in this measure since 2001 (9,799.7).
  • Between 2005 and 2006, the ratio of FTE registered nurses (RNs) to occupied beds rose both at hospitals in MHSs that owned HMOs (to 2.08 from 2.05) and at hospitals in MHSs that did not own HMOs (to 2.02 from 2.00).
  • In 2006, total costs per occupied bed were just over $1.0 million at hospitals that were part of MHSs that owned HMOs, up 4.7% from $987,827 in 2005. Since 2001 ($821,194), these costs have risen by more than one-quarter (26.0%).
  • Non-MHS hospitals averaged 164.7 outpatient visits per day, up 5.2% from 156.6 in 2005, the fourth consecutive annual rise.
  • After rising notably between 2004 (60.2%) and 2005 (66.4%), the average intensive care unit (ICU) occupancy rate forMHS hospitals fell slightly in 2006, to 65.3%.
  • Pharmaceutical expenses per discharge at hospitals tied to government-run MHSs fell 27.9% in 2006, to $1,380 from $1,915 in 2005, reversing two straight years of double-digit growth.


The editors and author acknowledges Verispan LLC, Yardley, Pa., as the research and reporting source for this data, reprinted with permission and based on information gathered by mail and telephone surveys gathered and effective as of December 31, 2008, unless otherwise noted.  It was commissioned, sponsored and underwritten in an arm’s length fashion by the Managed Care Digest Series of sanofi-aventis, Bridgewater, NJ, and developed and produced by Forte Information Resources, LLC, Denver, Colorado.

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