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By Dr. David E. Marcinko; FACFAS, MBA, CPHQ, CMP™


The Medical Executive-Post is a public online community of physicians, healthcare executives and administrators, and their informed financial advisors, accountants and business consultants who have strong connections to the health economics, management and advisory space. Most are professionals who are empowered to connect, inform and interact with those who share the same interests and expertise in this important expanding universe.

It is lightly moderated and dedicated to meeting the administrative needs of our nation’s physicians, office managers, medical practices, clinics and small healthcare entities. Our aim is to help them maintain a competitive edge in the markets they serve; and to take advantage of emerging business opportunities in the healthcare industrial complex.

By its very nature … the Medical Executive-Post emphasizes informative brief-features, essays, case-models, interviews of industry “movers-and-shakers,” and insider “tips and pearls” for individual physicians, clinics and medical practices. We emphasize how-to material and columns as well as insightful practice management articles. We also include relevant personal financial planning topics for doctors, with insightful viewer comments and follow-up opinions.  And, because more features are in development – it is subject to change without notice.

We therefore invite you to blog and comment as you see fit, and join us for the exciting e-journey as we “seek to operate at the intersection of medical mission and profit margin.”

And so, to surf through the current month, click the first entry on the list and start reading. If you want something specific, try searching by category. If you’re looking for something really specific, try using the Search feature on the top-right.

To encourage users to join and participate in the ongoing cognitive community discussions, we’ve left commenting enabled after free sign-up, so speak your mind and leave all the informed comments you like: review, read, rant and rave!  

Let the Medical Executive-Post be among your personal tools for success.

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7 Responses

  1. The Independent Medical Executive-Post

    We journalists love to cite the fact that the press is the only industry protected by the Constitution of the United States.

    A free press, as Thomas Jefferson noted, is part of our system of checks and balances; it is one of the few guarantors of democracy.

    But, for the press to remain free, we need to preserve both the reality and appearance of that freedom. This is our goal for the Medical Executive-Post.

    “Your voice – Our platform”
    Please help us attain it, through your support.

    Thank you.

    Dr. David Edward Marcinko; MBA, CMP™
    Hope Rachel Hetico; RN, MHA, CMP™
    Managing Editor
    Ann Miller; RN
    Executive Director


  2. The Relationship between Journal Editors-in-Chief and Owners Statement of the World Association of Medical Editors (WAME), March 2000

    • Editors-in-chief and the owners of their journals both want the journals to succeed but they have different roles. The primary responsibilities of editors-in-chief are to inform and educate readers, with attention to the accuracy and importance of journal articles, and to protect and strengthen the integrity and quality of the journal, including its staff, budget, and business policies. The relationship between owners and editors-in-chief should be based on mutual respect and trust, and recognition of each other’s authority and responsibilities, because conflicts can damage the intellectual integrity and reputation of the journal and its financial success. The following are guidelines for protecting the responsibility and authority of editors-in-chief and owners:

    • The conditions of employment for editors-in-chief, including authority, responsibilities, term of appointment, and mechanisms for resolving conflict, should be explicitly stated and approved by both editor and owners before the editor is appointed.

    • Editors-in-chief should have full authority over the editorial content of the journal, generally referred to as “editorial independence.” Owners should not interfere in the evaluation, selection and editing of individual articles, either directly or by creating an environment in which editorial decisions is strongly influenced.

    • Editorial decisions should be based mainly on the validity of the work and its importance to readers, not the commercial success of the journal. Editors should be free to express critical but responsible views of all aspects of medicine without fear of retribution, even if these views might conflict with the commercial goals of the publisher. To maintain this position, editors should seek input from a broad array of advisors such as reviewers, editorial staff, an editorial board, and readers.

    • Editors-in-chief should establish procedures that guard against the influence of commercial and personal self-interest on editorial decisions.

    • Owners have the right to hire and fire editors-in-chief but they should dismiss them only for substantial reasons such as a pattern of bad editorial decisions, disagreement with the long-term editorial direction of the journal, or personal behavior (such as criminal acts) that are incompatible with a position of trust.

    • Editors-in-chief should report to the highest governing body of the owning organization, not its administrative officers. Major decisions regarding the editor’s employment should be made by this body with open discussion and time to hear from all interested parties. Some owners have found it useful to appoint an independent board to advise them on major decisions regarding their editor and journal.

    • Editors should resist any actions that might compromise these principles in their journals, even if it places their own position at stake. If major transgressions do occur, editors should participate in drawing them to the attention of the international medical community.

    Managing Editor
    Executive Director

    iMBA, Inc


  3. Advertisements

    … I consider the ME-P to be one of the very few courageous news outlets in healthcare. You are a national treasure …

    Darrell K. Pruitt; DDS


  4. ME-P Readers and Subscribers

    Remember our new name and URL is:

    Hope Rachel Hetico; RN, MHA
    [Managing Editor]



    We accept corporate sponsorships. This allows us to help support the Web site and to continue to develop new content and resources. The presence of ads does not imply endorsement of the advertised company or product. We will refuse an advertisement if we believe that it is not suitable.

    The site maintains a distinct separation between advertising content and editorial content. We do not allow outside advertisers to affect the quality or accuracy of information, and we maintain a stringent policy of editorial independence. Our editorial decisions are independent and are maintained by the ME-P.

    All advertising is clearly labeled as an advertisement. Sponsored areas of the site are labeled as such, and the sponsoring organizations are identified. Examples might include an area where a partner offers products or services in a co-branded area of our Web site.

    Further, we believe this allows us to facilitate education on a number of fronts.

    For the ME-P readers and subscribers:

    • Enhance your ability to investigate new thoughts and ideas, industry concepts, products and technologies introduced by the corporate sponsor.
    • Provide knowledge transfer to your staff by virtue of accessing the same information via the same medium.

    For the Corporate Sponsors:

    • Provide a proof-of-concept forum for ideas and product introductions and more importantly for exposure, awareness and experience to same.
    • Allow corporate sponsors to demonstrate their commitment to the highest quality.
    • Provide a means to advertise and market products in a cost effective manner.

    ME-P Editors


  6. A Leading Source for B2B Financial Services, Medical Management and Healthcare Advertising

    The Medical Executive-Post network is one of the largest B2B healthcare networks in the world and a great resource for advertisers seeking to super-charge their medical marketing, financial services and related medical management media campaigns.

    We deliver quality healthcare, medical management and financial advisory information to our readers by covering the most important topics in the industry so that they can stay at the top of their professions.

    Such a large and loyal subscriber base benefits our readers in two ways:

    1. It motivates us to only produce and share the best content. We know how important it is to our readers that they be presented with reputable and high-quality news, insights, and updates in the field of healthcare, financial planning and medical management consulting, and we are focused on bringing them the information that can keep them on the cutting edge of the expanding industry.

    2. It provides our readers with an incredible opportunity to support their financial planning, healthcare administration and medical sales and marketing efforts. We have proven B2B advertising, financial advisory and healthcare marketing strategies in place that allow us to promote your practice, business, firm or personal brand and its services – all while providing you with a high ROI.

    Creating an effective and targeted B2B financial services, medical consulting and healthcare advertising campaign is tough, but by making your brand, logo, and message visible to the audience you most want to connect with the ME-P, you can feel confident that your investment will be put to good use.

    If you are looking to connect with thousands of decision makers and executives within the financial services and healthcare industry, let us help you. Whether you are looking to increase prospects, clients or sales; place your ads where they are visible to your target audience, drive traffic to your firm or websites, or anything in between. We have several options available to help you reach your goals.

    Generate new business by promoting your industry knowledge, products and services online to ME-P readers and all those partnering with us.

    For more information about creating a powerful B2B healthcare advertising campaign on the ME-P, please contact:

    Ann Miller RN MHA


  7. What’s the Final Verdict on Content Syndication?

    Is content syndication a spammy search engine optimization (SEO) tactic that’s grounds for Google penalties? Or is it an effective method for distributing content and establishing thought leadership?

    The debate has been going on for years, especially since Google began cracking down on link schemes and thin content. Google’s most recent update to enhance search engine results, Panda 4.1, was directed mainly at aggregator sites that offer no unique content. As a result, “content farms” saw major hits to search rankings.

    While there’s no black-and white-verdict on whether content syndication is an acceptable form of distribution, Cyberalert says it’s okay, as long as it’s used appropriately. The verdict on content syndication is a thumbs-up — but only if the content is high-quality with the primary purpose of educating others, not driving traffic to your own website.

    Their recommendation: syndicate content sparingly, using it for those articles that are most educationally worthwhile and that you think are likely to receive the greatest exposure, and readership.

    Source: William Comcowich
    Cyberalert [10/23/14]
    via Ann Miller RN MHA


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