DAILY UPDATE: Workplace Productivity Down

By Staff Reporters



The US is experiencing the biggest decline in worker productivity since 1948, according to research from EY-Parthenon, and many executives have been quick to single out remote work as the main culprit.

This is what they cite to prove their point.:

  • A study published in Nature Human Behaviour found that working remotely made Microsoft’s remote workers miss important learning opportunities by not rubbing elbows with coworkers who aren’t part of their immediate team.
  • More recent research showed that interacting through a screen can make workers less likely to generate ideas. That’s a problem for tech companies needing to out-innovate the competition.

For many industry leaders, accessing a wider talent pool outside of traditional tech hubs isn’t enough to make up for those drawbacks. And as widespread labor shortages subside and layoffs sweep through Silicon Valley, companies are no longer in a perk war to recruit and retain the brightest minds.

Finally, the Big Tech office pushed mirrors broader thru white-collar labor market dynamics; according to Morning Brew. In December, 13% of LinkedIn postings were for remote jobs, compared to 20% nine months prior.


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