HEALTH INSURANCE: Impact of Insurance on Lower ExtremityAmputations

By Staff Reporters



A significant study recently published in the Annals of Vascular Surgery has uncovered a troubling correlation between loss of health insurance coverage and increased risk of amputation. Led by Dr. Tze Woei Tan, a vascular surgeon and associate professor, the research team from the University of Arizona and Keck School of Medicine of USC, which includes co-senior author Dr. David G. Armstrong, a podiatric surgeon and professor of surgery, brings attention to this important issue. Titled “The Impact of Health Insurance Loss on Amputation Rates in the United States,” the study highlights the consequences of losing insurance coverage. 


Researchers examined a large cohort of patients at risk of peripheral artery disease (PAD) and diabetic foot complications, noting that those without insurance were more likely to experience amputation. The study found that individuals who lost their insurance coverage were 2.5 times more likely to undergo a major amputation compared to those with continuous coverage. This striking difference emphasizes the importance of consistent access to healthcare and the potential consequences of gaps in insurance.



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