Dentistry’s SECRET!


By Darrell Pruitt DDS



“Small- and medium-sized businesses with two to 200 employees suffered the most attacks during the period, accounting for 46%, or 2,300 ransomware attacks total, according to the report.” That’s us, Doc. Patterson and Schein won’t admit it, but if you don’t put patients’ information on a computer, you and your patients are completely safe from ransomware.

“US organizations hit by almost half of all ransomware since 2020 – American exceptionalism extends to ransomware as organizations based in the U.S. suffered the greatest number of attacks, ahead of Canada and the U.K.

By Matt Kapko: Cybersecurity Dive, Sept. 28, 2022.

Paper’s security“Report: 90% of companies affected by ransomware in 2022 – An annual SpyCloud survey found that 90% of organizations were impacted by ransomware over the past twelve months, an alarming increase from last year’s 72.5%.”

– Yet still none involved paper dental records –



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