More on Concierge, Retail, Cash Pay and Boutique Medicine; etc [SAM’S CLUB]

Sam’s Club Launches Innovative Pilot to Help Make Healthcare More Affordable



By Dr. David E. Marcinko MBA CMP

I devoted a full chapter of my book; “The Business of Medical Practice” to concierge and boutique medicine, retail medicine, direct, cash and private pay medicine; etc. We included terms and definitions, process and methodologies, marketing and advertising, and examples, etc. In fact, who knew I was so prescient and the landscape would finally begin evolving.

For example, we recently learned about Sam’s Club offering targeted “bundles” of health care services collaborating with Humana.

And, earlier, we learned of Amazon’s new virtual / primary care clinic model. And of course, in the past couple of weeks, Walmart’s (Sam’s affiliate) opening their freestanding clinics, along with new behavioral health services, as well.


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  1. Alternate Medical B-Models,
    Very well written; many thanks.

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  2. Average Charges for Common Procedures in Retail Clinics

    • Office outpatient visit – 15 minutes: $118
    • Streptococcus test: $35
    • Immunization administration: $35
    • Influenza test: $40
    • Office outpatient visit – 25 minutes: $167
    • Office outpatient – new – 30 minutes: $188
    • Zoster (shingles) vaccine (HZV): $190
    • Office outpatient – new – 20 minutes: $144

    Source: FairHealth, FH Healthcare Indicators and Medical Price Index 2021, March 31, 2021

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