ANNOUNCING: A New Course In Digital Health

The Medical Futurist

By Dr. Bertalan Meskó MD PhD


I’m so happy and proud that I can finally share with you the biggest project The Medical Futurist has ever worked on: The Digital Health Course.

Today, we publicly launch the digital platform where you can learn about everything we and I personally find important about digital health. I mean EVERYTHING!

In this course I break down everything I’ve learned over the last 15 years about the future of healthcare and digital health, what changes are taking place now and over the next 5+ years, what impact they’ll have on you as a healthcare decision-maker, and exactly what you should be doing today to best position yourself or your company for this inevitable reality.

We designed this course to provide you with a complete overview of digital health, guide you through the technological aspects, and equip you to be able to predict and forecast what’s coming next.

From the basics and its definition, to why it’s a cultural transformation that is happening now, how it is a paradigm shift of care, how you can spot trends in it and forecast the near future.



As I guide you personally through the course, I have put my heart, brain and soul into the whole curriculum.

Sign up here > (free preview available)




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