PODCAST: The RIGHT To REPAIR Electronics Movement


The right to repair electronics refers to proposed legislation that would provide the practical means for equipment owners to repair their devices, and not a new legal right. The implications for medicine are huge.

Advocates observe that while repair is legal under copyright law and patent law, owners are often prohibited from making their own repairs or hiring technicians they trust to help by manufacturer limitations on access to repair materials such as parts, tools, diagnostics, documentation and firmware.


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R2R ASSOCIATION: https://www.repair.org/stand-up/#:~:text=Right%20to%20Repair%20or%20%22Fair%20Repair%22%20legislation%20is,-%20not%20their%20distributors%2C%20retailers%2C%20or%20even%20franchisees.

MICROSOFT: https://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/microsoft-expands-right-to-repair/

STEVE WOZNIAK PODCAST: https://lynnwoodtimes.com/2021/07/25/right-to-repair-wozniak/



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  1. RR
    John Deere has agreed to allow US farmers to repair their own tractors without using the company’s parts in a victory for the growing “right to repair” movement, which has also targeted Apple.
    Dr. Marcinko


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