Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2020

Nobel Laureate Jennifer Doudna

By Staff Reporters

Even as a child growing up in Hawaii, Nobel Laureate Jennifer Doudna had a strong urge to know things. One day, her father placed the book ‘The Double Helix’ on her bed. This detective-style story about how the structure of the DNA molecule was solved was like nothing she had read in her school textbooks. She was captivated by the scientific process and realised that science is more than just facts.

However, when she started to solve scientific mysteries, her attention was not on DNA, but on its molecular sibling: RNA. This would eventually lead her to the discovery of CRISPR/Cas9 a tool that can be used to change the DNA of organisms with extremely high precision and, in 2020, to the Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Wishing her a happy birthday today!

Read her story:



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