Here’s Why Drug-Distribution and Pharmacy Stocks are Bargains Now

On Drug-Distribution and Pharmacy Stocks

Vitaliy Katsenelson, CFA
  Student of Life

These pharnacy stocks are good businesses. In general they have solid balance sheets, above-average returns on capital, and they generate a lot of cash, which is used to pay dividends and buy back stock.

But, these defensive features have not mattered much lately, as we are entering the 10th year of uninterrupted economic expansion.

Accordingly, these companies are significantly undervalued. How under valued? Let’s answer that question by examining two stocks in our portfolio in closer detail.


Prescription Pill Bottles


Here’s Why Drug-Distribution and Pharmacy Stocks are Bargains Now


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    Traditional pharmacies are a headache (oh, the irony). That’s why NowRx is redefining pharmacy by offering free, same-day prescription delivery and amazing customer service—and their potential is growing quickly.

    They’ve already raised over $5M in investments in less than 3 weeks and with NowRx’s new telehealth product growing 73% month over month since inception the time to invest has never been better.

    NowRx is rebuilding healthcare for convenience and affordability, and after the Last Year (cue thunder and lightning SFX) it’s clear how valuable that is as the company generated over $13.4M in revenue (up 90% annually) and is on pace to hit over $22M this year!



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