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EMRs – Providers Need to Prepare for Virulent Ransomware in 2018

[By staff reporters]

Ransomware emerged as a significant threat on the worldwide stage in 2017, but new variants will challenge healthcare providers well into 2018, with some versions of new malware not even needing a network to distribute themselves throughout an organization. Previous variants of ransomware, particularly the WannaCry attack in May, showed the ability to self-propagate and spread across a network and onto other networks via the Internet.

Educating a healthcare’s organization workforce on cyberattacks is necessary, but it’s not enough to bring them up to speed on phishing and other threats. Practices need to harden their own email systems; for example, Matt Sherman, a malware outbreak specialist at Symantec, advises using secure email systems as a best practice along with two-factor authentication software. Email systems should scan links contained in incoming messages, and they should enable automatic image loading in messages.

Source: Joseph Goedert, adapted from Health Data Management [12/28/17]

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