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[Dr. David Edward Marcinko MBA]

There is much discussion today about the concept of a “Comprehensive Health Record”. This is an extension of the traditional terminology of “Electronic Health Records (EHR), Electronic Medical Records and Personal Health Records”, etc.

From theory to practice

Etymology notwithstanding, the ISeeYouCare’s patient-centric healthcare platform is founded on the premise that the patient’s electronic health record must be accessible throughout the care continuum, no matter the venue, source or time of day. This level of integration and transparency drives clinical quality, positive provider and patient experience and lower costs in a value based world. The family of solutions impacts from the hospital to the home with an unmatched level of clinical collaboration for the payer to the provider, patient and family.

At ISeeYouCare, they support the concept of a Comprehensive Health Record (CHR). Furthermore, they  see it as true to the original concept of electronic health records.


Benefits of a Comprehensive Health Record

There are many reported reasons for a patient to manage and maintain their own comprehensive health record.

• Obtaining medical records from hospital systems and disparate providers can take a great deal of time. Often, patients need information in a timely manner, due to an emergency or a new diagnosis. The delay in getting information is frustrating and can be deadly in case of an emergency.

• Health care providers do not have to keep your records forever. The requirements vary from state-to-state, but in general, most do not have to maintain records beyond ten years.

• Maintaining a full longitudinal record of your health improves care coordination and promotes easier sharing of information with family and caregivers.

• Having full copies of your medical records with accurate information makes it easier to connect with other patients or conduct research online so you have a better understanding of any health concerns.

• You can save costs by providing doctors with results of tests and procedures performed by other organizations.

• It helps you make sure that your health information is accurate

Assessment: So, decide for yourself: EHR or CHR?


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