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By Terri D. Wright, PhD, MPH                   




APHA’s Policy Center Creates Tools for A Healthy Future

DEAR DAVID – The central challenge of the American Public Health Association is to create the healthiest nation in one generation. APHA’s Center for Public Health Policy was established almost 10 years ago to bring together analytical public health expertise and infuse the public health field with expert materials and tools in response to this challenge.

The Center embraces the public health issues that threaten population health. Our work is done through national and state partnerships and by leveraging resources across multiple sectors, including government, philanthropy and non-profit. Fundamental to all that we do: strategies to ensure health equity for all.

We invite you to learn about our work and stay abreast of our progress on producing resources for our members and constituents. The following priorities represent our core work to create a healthy nation:

  • Assuring health equity for all.
  • Promoting systems transformation to integrate public health and health care and improve population health.
  • Improving the natural and built environments to support health and create environmental justice.

We will keep you updated on our priority issues and encourage you to connect with our team.

We invite your feedback as we embark on this journey –

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