Why You’re Probably Using the Wrong [Medical] Dictionary [er…ah…Tchotchkes?]

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The Health Dictionary Series of Administrative Terms and Definitions

According to James Somers, the way we use an ordinary [medical] dictionary is to look up words, acronyms or initialisms we’ve never heard of; or whose sense we’re unsure of, or need more clarification or spelling direction. Makes sense!


But, you would never look up health administration industry specific words or terms in an ordinary medical dictionary — words like HL7, “meaningful-use”, “skinny networks”, managed care organization, hospital cloud computing, patient portal, stop-loss ratio, economic externality, PHO, MPT, SAR-BOX, Fama-French, US Patriot Act, the Treynor index, Asset Pricing Theory, PP-ACA, or ACOs — because all you’ll learn is nothing about what they mean.

Extreme Utility – Not just tchotchkes! 

You would need an industry specific dictionary of health administration terms and definitions, right? And, preferably designated as a Doody’s Core Title for credibility, and written by leading experts.

So; try these 3 dictionaries for 10,000 health 2.0 administration terms and definitions, EACH.

  1. Dictionary of Health Insurance and Managed Care
  2. Dictionary of Health Economics and Finance
  3. Dictionary of Health Information Technology and Security

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Dictionary Forewords


Forget the Paper Weights

According to Wikipedia, a tchotchke (/ˈɒkə/ CHOCH-ka) is a small bauble or miscellaneous item. The word has long been used by Jewish-Americans and in the regional speech of New York City and elsewhere. Tchotchkes are often given at Chanukkah as part of a game.

The word may also refer to free promotional items dispensed at financial services trade shows, medical conventions, and similar large events. They can also be sold as cheap souvenirs which are sometimes called “tchotchke shops”.




Not a Throw-Away

But, if you want to give your hospital, medical clinic or physician clients an advertising item that’s both useful and handy at the same time, try using these dictionaries. Make an IMPACT, and forget those paper-weights.

As a Financial Advisor [FA], or drug rep, you can represent your eagerness to be there for clients and prospects anytime they need your service by having the dictionaries engraved or placing your business card, inside. Plus, they serve as a great addition to a wonderfully decorated medical office or home library. It is an item they will refer to again and again; not just throw-away.

Give one … or all three … they are so reasonably priced.


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