I’m a 47 year old MD – Can you help me?

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A Real-Life Case Model

By Ann Miller RN MHA


As a generic financial advisor, how would you answer this client prospect’s inquiry?

QUESTION: I’m a 47 year old MD – Can you help me?

TRADITIONAL ANSWER: I am a stock-broker [aka financial advisor] or insurance agent, and I sell financial products and insurance policies on a commission basis.

What do you want to buy?

CURRENT ANSWER: I am a financial planner, and I charge a percentage amount on the assets I “manage” for you. But, I have a minimum portfolio amount.

So how much money do you have to invest?

DEEP NICHE ANSWER: Yes! I am a fully CERTIFIED MEDICAL PLANNER™ practitioner.  I understand holistic financial planning for medical professionals and current health industry tumult. And, as an informed fiduciary – with transparent fees – I can help with your medical practice, business and/or personal financial planning matters.

When can we meet to discuss your needs?


Financial Planning MDs 2015

Comprehensive Financial Planning Strategies for Doctors and Advisors: Best Practices from Leading Consultants and Certified Medical Planners™



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3 Responses


    The New Paradigm Shift in Health Economics, Insurance, Finance and Business

    In 1972, Nobel Laureate Kenneth J. Arrow, PhD shocked Academe’ by identifying health economics as a separate and distinct field. Yet, the seemingly disparate insurance, asset allocation, econometric, statistical and portfolio management principles that he studied have been transparent to most financial professionals and wealth management advisors for years. Nevertheless, to informed cognoscenti, they served as predecessors to the modern healthcare advisory era.

    In 2004, Arrow was selected as one of eight recipients of the National Medal of Science for his innovative views. Ultimately, savvy financial professionals are realizing that the healthcare industrial complex is in flux. Physicians are frantically searching for new ways to improve office revenues and grow personal assets, because of the economic dislocation that is managed care. Moreover, the largest transfer of wealth in US history is taking place as mature doctors sell their practices or inherit parents’ estates. Increasingly, the artificial consulting boundary between traditional financial planning and contemporaneous medical practice management … is blurring.

    This disruptive paradigm shift was formally noted by iMBA, and introduced to the medical and financial services industry with hundreds of Library of Medicine, National Institute of Health (NIH) and other publications, a dozen textbooks and an award winning seminal white paper.

    Ann Miller RN MHA


  2. Doctors Needing a bit of Help?

    Recall the sad tale of Dr. Debasis Kanjilal, the pediatrician from New York who, in 2000, put more than $500,000 into the dot.com company, InfoSpace, upon the advice of Merrill Lynch’s star analyst Henry Bloget. Is it any wonder that when the company crashed, the analyst was sued, banned for life from the securities industry, and Merrill settled out of court?

    As a matter of public record, other analysts, such as Mary Meeker of Morgan Stanley, Dean Witter and Jack Grubman from Salomon Smith Barney / Citigroup, were involved in similar debacles. Would passage of Senate bill HR 1000, also known as the Pension Security Act (PSA) creating the category of Fiduciary Advisor for qualified participants such as those with 401(k) plans, have prevented this mischief by adding stockbrokers to ERISA’s list of prudent experts?

    Ann Miller RN MHA


  3. Another Example

    Now, reflect a moment on medical colleagues willing to securitize their practices a few years later, and cash out to Wall Street servitude for riches not rightly deserved. Where are firms such as MedPartners, Phycor, FPA, Coastal Healthcare, and a host of others, now?

    A recent survey of the Cain Brothers Physician Practice Management Corporation Index of publicly traded PPMCs revealed a market capital loss of more than 99%, since inception.

    Would niche educated and physician-focused financial advisors [The Certified Medical Planner™ professional designation did not yet exist] have been able to avoid this calamity?

    Hope R. Hetico RN MHA CMP™


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