Why Hospitals Must Look to the Cloud?

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A Key Solution to Meeting the Healthcare Mandates

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3 Responses

  1. Billing dispute leads to blocked patient data
    [It’s getting cloudy out there]

    “Billing dispute leads to blocked patient data in Maine – Vendor’s action may point to broader risks. When staffers at a tiny medical practice in far-northern Maine arrived at work one July morning and tried to view medical records for that day’s patients, they got an unsettling response from their computer. “Access denied.’’ The staff called a technician, who confirmed what had happened. As part of a billing dispute, the vendor for the clinic’s electronic health records — a German corporation with US headquarters in Boston — took the unusual step of blocking the staff’s ability to look up medical histories on its 4,000 patients.”

    Christopher Rowland
    SEPTEMBER 22, 2014.

    Now, when a physician accidentally loses access to his or her patients’ records, that is a HIPAA violation. But when a Cloud provider denies a provider access to his or her patients’ records because of a billing dispute… Well that’s just business.

    The law granting billions of dollars in ARRA stimulus money to help providers purchase EHR systems was passed as part of an employment bill rather than attached to healthcare law. It’s all starting to make sense now: We’ve been had, Doc.

    D. Kellus Pruitt DDS


  2. Study: 96% of Healthcare Organizations Turn to the Cloud

    According to a recent Dell study, research highlighted how healthcare customers rely on Dell cloud-based solutions for image archiving and HIS-hosting. Below are the findings:

    • 43% of healthcare respondents are using private cloud solutions.
    • Another 43% of healthcare respondents are using a hybrid cloud solution.
    • 64% indicated that they are very confident that their data is protected.
    • 46% surveyed cite better allocation of IT resources as the biggest benefit of cloud computing.
    • 39% surveyed cite that the better benefit is cost savings.

    Source: Dell


  3. SCL Health Tries Out Microhospitals

    Mike Slubowski, president and CEO of SCL Health, Broomfield, Colo., describes what a “microhospital” is and why he views it as a sound alternative to urgent care clinics or regular, acute care hospitals.


    Dr. David E. Marcinko MBA


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