Are [Medical] Trade Fairs Good Entertainment?


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They Ought to Be . . .

By Vanessa

Just because medical trade fairs and other exhibitions are designed to help hospitals, medical practices and businesses grow, or show case their products and services and increase their gain in the market place – it doesn’t all have to be work – some trade shows and exhibitions are boring! The best trade fairs are the ones which successfully inject a little fun into the proceedings and the most successful trade booths are the ones which engage the visitors in that fun.




The first thing that a visitor to a trade show sees is the booths, rows and rows of booths – large booths, smaller booths, brightly colored booths, brightly lit booths . . . booths, booths and more booths. The second thing that a visitor to a trade show sees is the people, the staff, the personnel in your booth. The booth and your sales staff reflect your company, your products, your professionalism and your services. Make sure that your booth and the staff give the right sort of impression. Friendly, welcoming and knowledge staff is important – ideally dressed to co-ordinate in with the theme of your trade show booth. This doesn’t have to include an entire uniform; just a blouse or shirt with the company emblem or logo in corresponding colors will do fine.




Your staff needs to be welcoming and friendly; it helps to have a pot of coffee on the go and maybe even some nice smelling cookies. People need to feel comfortable enough to approach your booth and if you have some fun, interactive activity on there it will surely attract their attention. Nothing attracts the attention of a passer by more than people having fun, trying to do something, hold something or win something. The addition of items like “prize wheels” can really help to add this type of dimension to your trade show booth. A spinning prize wheel with the chance to win something exciting is a gem of an attraction in a sea of otherwise boring trade booths. If your display is tall, well lit and gets the message across then you have a very good chance of a successful trade show.

If your medical clinic, practice business is rather small and you cannot really afford a very large pitch then try to take a smaller booth next to a large, popular stand. This works best if the neighboring company is not in direct competition with you, rather just a complimentary type of business. That way, as they are busy attracting the visitors to their stand you can be on the sidelines catching them as they move away . . . that fabulous fresh coffee aroma could do wonders for your popularity.

Another good location for a pitch is close to the refreshment bar – any place which attracts the majority of the visitors is a good option. Some trade shows and exhibitions hire entertainers to keep the visitors happy and the mood light and playful (which is incidentally very productive). If you do know that there will be a magician or other types of entertainer around then try to get as close to his stand as possible.




The Display Outlet has a great range of products which are designed to help your booth stand out from the crowd and make your trade fair experience a success. It is important to think outside the box and try to come up with creative ideas for visitors to flock to your stand for a little light relief, once you’ve got their attention the rest is up to you and your sales staff.



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