Tips on Purchasing a Vehicle

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An Economic and Ethical Decision?

[By Dr. David Edward Marcinko MBA CMP™]

Dr. DEMWith the possible exception of the handgun, the automobile represents the greatest single item of ownership that is capable of inflicting death, injury and damage. America’s fascination with the automobile has resulted in a marked increase in the power and potential speed of our vehicles.

The latest trend in Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) has also witnessed a substantial increase in damage due to their higher ground clearance and heavier frames. The owners and operators of any vehicle must be financially able to respond to any resulting claims, or they need to transfer the risk through insurance. All states require some minimal coverage for personal vehicles.

Purchasing the Vehicle

Typically, car buyers who wait until the end of the year can score a deal. Buying at the end of the month can also increase negotiating power as dealerships look to move volume, and shoppers in the late summer and early fall may be able to get a deal when the new-model-year vehicles enter inventories.

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Also, cold or rainy weather can work to a doctor’s advantage, since bad weather can discourage people from walking around a lot to look at vehicles, potentially giving those who do show up a bit more negotiating power. Even a serious buyer who goes to a dealership near the end of the day may receive a better price as the dealer makes concessions to speed things up so everyone can go home.

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So, if you time your car purchase right, and you aren’t buying one of the more popular models or colors, you might save $500 to $2,000 just by waiting until the end of the month or day to make your purchase.

Beware my [premium] gas guzzler above; not an EPA favorite, but she passes annual emissions inspection like a champ!


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2 Responses

  1. Great photos but lame article

    So, here are 15 new car buying tips:



  2. Auto Discounts

    It’s not unusual to see big discounts on 2013 cars this time of year.

    I just helped a friend of mine buy a new 2013 911 Carrera S cab for $108k (msrp $126k). I also just helped a family member of mine buy a new 13 MB e 350 wagon for $55k (msrp $68k).

    This has become the best time to buy new cars.



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